Welcome to Kodesh L' ADONAI! In Hebrew this reads: "Holy to the LORD".
We are a Messianic Home Fellowship.  We celebrate Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesus the Messiah Who is the centre of our Fellowship, worship and Torah study. 

         We encourage holiness of heart and life through the means of grace,enabled by the Ruak Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit). "Holiness to the LORD" is the original engraving on the High Priests' turban:
    "You shall also make a plate of pure gold,and shall engrave on it, like the engravings of a seal, 'Holy to the LORD'". Exodus 28:36.

Worship, Torah study, prayer and fellowship in the Holy Sanctuary are carried out under the banner of “HOLINESS TO THE Y'HoVaH".  

Kodesh L'  ADONAI is a charter member of CTOMC: Coalition of Torah Observant messianic Congregations.  



Kodesh L' Adonai ® # 9 Gittens Street Paradise Gardens Tacarigua.